The Year 5 girls visited Kidzania on the 21st January 2020. They were given the opportunity to build their confidence and step into some real life roles – everything from a doctor, to a police officer, a pilot and so much more!

The girls were given a fun and realistic insight into the adult world by developing connections with well-known brands for example, H&M, Costa Coffee and Capital Radio. They were able to earn themselves some Kidzos (Kidzania currency) or spend it in leisure activities such as the music studio.

“I had the chance to become a Nintendo Switch Game Designer. I made a remote controlled car which was amazing!” We also had the chance to try different Nintendo Labos, I tested the fishing rod and the basketball VR goggles. I also had the chance to do a hotel room service, which included cleaning and reorganising the interior of a hotel room. We were taught how to fold bedding, clean and organise a room which I think are very important life skills.”

“My favourite activity of the day was learning to be a pilot. We were taught how to fly the plane and use the controls. Unfortunately when we went to land our plane, we crashed into the terminal at Heathrow Airport!”

“Our first activity was to be news reporters for Al Jazeera News. We had to read the news (about a fire breaking out in a hotel) from a teleprompter. We found this job quite hard because the words were moving very fast. We also had the chance to present the weather.”