Junior citizenship – Park for Girls School Won!

Our Year 6 students attended a Junior Citizenship day and were thrilled to achieve first place in the competition. The girls have written about the experience.

Junior citizenship 2019On the 6th of November, we (Year 6) went on a Junior Citizenship trip. We met other schools from Redbridge. We worked in groups and took part in eight informative safety activities.

We learnt about internet safety (e-safety); travelling on buses and trains; road awareness, safety (robbery) and first aid.

The trip was splendid but competitive. We achieved first place in the competition; we had the perfect score. We were so happy to go back to school with our prizes – gifts (a bag with learning resources).

At the Junior Citizenship activities, we got full marks (80/80), we came first. We were rewarded with a blue draw-string bag each and it contained a pencil, ruler, and rubber, a furry toy dressed in police uniform and a leaflet about safety.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and hope more children attend to gain the knowledge and skills we acquired.

Going to Junior Citizenship was fun but also informative. We were educated on how to be safe when travelling to and from school. We had to go to different sections for different safety talks. At the end, our school got the most points and we took home the winners’ bags.

Written by Year 6 students.