The Park School Way

Provides the guiding principles and framework that both staff and pupils adhere to:

  • Treat others as you would be treated
  • Forgive
  • Share
  • Listen
  • Be Inclusive
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Be honest
  • Work hard to do your best to be your best self

Tolerance, integrity, respect, courtesy and honesty are interwoven threads of the curriculum. We believe that our students should recognise the value of diversity and alternative views, and learn to be socially responsible 21st century citizens.

We provide a child-centred, integrated social and educational experience from age 4 to 16.

We are proud to be an all through school.

Inspectors who recently visited the school observed this relationship and said;

Park has delightful girls who are outward going, supportive of each other and we are a true 4 – 16 school with the senior students working with and supporting the younger students.