We asked students from all Year Groups why they would recommend Park to prospective students.  We were so pleased with their wonderful responses that we wanted to share them.

  • Students feels safe – reasons include First Aid, wrist bands, no bullying
  • Park is friendly and caring
  • It is a small school with small class sizes so you get individual attention
  • Excellent GCSE results
  • There is always someone to talk to about your feelings
    – Girls on Board
    – ZUMOS
    – Mental Wellbeing
    – PSHEC
    – Mentors
  • It is like a family – “It is a small school that feels like a big family”
  • Park helps you to grow as a person outside of school as well as in the classroom
  • Teachers make learning fun and interesting and they support you
  • Clubs
    – Netball
    – Homework/After School
    – Cooking
    – Vocal lessons
    – Coding Club
  • Trips, Residential trips
  • Events and fundraising for charities – inspires us to do good things
  • It is an inclusive school, all cultures, races and religions are respected
    – Days off for Eid
    – Days off for Diwali
    – Culture Day
    – Easter Egg hunt
    – Christmas
  • It is easy to fit in when you are a new student
  • House activities – Dance, Speech, Music
  • School Council – our opinions are listened to
  • Rewards:
    – House points
    – Prize-Giving
  • Option to have packed lunch or hot lunch
  • We are treated fairly
  • All girls
  • P.E. facilities/Sports Day
  • Assemblies help us experience talking in front of an audience which boosts our confidence