Welcoming boys to Park School

Headteacher’s welcome to Park School Prep

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I write to inform you that we have been officially notified by the DfE, that the Preparatory School will be able to admit boys from September 2021.

The school was required to undertake a material change inspection in March to see how prepared we were to accept boys and if we met the DfE requirements and standards. The inspector held discussions with the head teacher, senior leaders and other members of staff and met with their chair of governors. He visited different areas of the school and talked with groups of pupils. He scrutinised a range of documentation, records and polices.

His conclusion was that ‘It is recommended that the application to admit male as well as female pupils to the preparatory school be approved.’

He went to confirm that ‘the school has made appropriate plans to adapt aspects of the curriculum and is well aware of the academic and pastoral issues that may arise and its premises can be made suitable for any gender.’

He commented that:

The school delivers an appropriately broad and balanced curriculum and makes suitable provision for all pupils, including those with SEND.

The school has given appropriate attention to modifying the curriculum to prepare for the admission of male pupils, particularly in relation to PSHEC, RSE and PE.

It has suitable resources, such as a range of class and library books appropriate to any gender.

The great majority of staff have experience of teaching in a co-educational setting, this means they are well prepared for the proposed change to co-education.

Arrangements are implemented effectively to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils by means that pay due regard to statutory guidance, and to the requirements of the Prevent strategy.

The school promotes good behaviour successfully and has appropriate awareness of any changes needed for co-education.

The school provides effective behavioural support to pupils and deals well with any difficulties that arise between them.

The school has appropriate arrangements for first aid, with suitably trained staff, including for pupils in the EYFS.

Staff have appropriate training and the level of first aid provision is appropriate for co-education

A separate space has been identified which can be used if a male and female pupil need attention simultaneously.

We are ready and excited to be welcoming the boys that have already applied for a place in September.’