Introduction from the Headteacher

Mrs A. Nicholas - Head TeacherAt Park School we are committed to a holistic approach to learning. The staff and I stress the importance of the development of each student as a whole person.

It is our belief that children are entitled to the highest quality education, which enables them to realise their full potential. We are genuinely committed to understanding the individual, and providing the environment and support so that every child can flourish and succeed. This underpins our approach to learning inside and outside the classroom, to pastoral care and personal development, and the way we structure the school and the curriculum.

We are committed to nurturing a love of learning, for this to happen, we believe that learning needs to be active, creative and enjoyable. Passing examinations is important. However, we want our students to take them in their stride, and value their learning beyond the exam grade.  We therefore strive to create an environment which allows the children to develop the skills and habits of mind to become well rounded, emotionally resilient, inquisitive life-long learners; well prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of future life.

Tolerance, integrity, respect, courtesy and honesty are interwoven threads of the curriculum. We believe that our students should recognise the value of diversity and alternative views, and learn to be socially responsible 21st Century citizens.

We provide a child-centred, integrated social and educational experience from age 4 to 16.

I would welcome the opportunity to show you around our school.

Mrs Androulla Nicholas

Head Teacher