Park School is run by the Governing Body who meet four times a year.

Because Park School is a charity parents can be assured that no Directors fees are paid, nor can any money be used for any purpose other than to support the charitable aims of the school.

The Board of Governors is made up of ex-parents and ex-teachers along with other people who have an interest in the school.

As we are a small school, some of the Governors have particular areas of responsibility including Health & Safety, Finance, and SEN. The Chair of Governors is also responsible for Safeguarding and has undertaken the relevant training.

The Governors delegate the running of the school to the Head Teacher who reports back at each Board meeting.

The present Board has a varied set of skills including finance, legal, education, medical, safeguarding & commerce.

Mr S Kondel

Background: Company Director

Safe Recruiting

Chair of Governors

Ms S Beg

Background: Pharmaceutical Regulator/HR

Governor since October 2014


Mr M Ahmed

Background: Transportation

Governor since October 2014

Health and Safety

Mr S Sharma

Background: Medical

Governor since October 2018

Health and Safety

Mr A Reddy

Background: Medical and Education

Governor since October 2018


Mr P Gersh

Background: Banking/Fundraising

Governor since October 2018



Mrs F Hussain

Mrs F Hussain

Background: Safeguarding/Education