Gilwell Park trip 2019Learning outside the classroom is an exciting way of enhancing pupils’ classroom learning, it provides an opportunity for personalised learning, development of new skills, knowledge and students connecting to the outdoor world.

Our girls had the opportunity to take part in different practical and exciting activities; such as: bush craft skills (fire-lighting, forest baking/cooking pizza); climbing; team work; free fall, boat rafting and camp fire singing and learning songs/games from around the world.

They enjoyed these outdoor activities which were fun and exciting. These activities were chosen with specific goals in mind – which include confidence building, a renewed passion and enthusiasm for learning; self esteem and good mental wellbeing.

Here are some of the student’s comments:

Marissa, Year 5 – “Gilwell Park was the best residential trip ever. I really loved the ‘freefall’; ‘rock climbing’; ‘raft building’ and ‘back wood’ cooking.   All the members of staff at Gilwell Park were really kind, friendly and supportive.  The most fun thing at Gilwell Park was the fact that it was ‘RESIDENTIAL.  We really loved sleeping on bunk beds and it was fun climbing on other people’s bunk beds. 

I would give the trip 10/10 because it helped me feel more comfortable when sleeping on my own in an area I am not used to.”

Waniya (Year 5) said, “Gilwell Park was a great experience. Before we went, Mrs. Jack said it would be fun experience and we wouldn’t want to leave the next day. It was true, we didn’t want to leave. My favourite activity was the free fall where one has to climb to the top attached to the harness and then jump down. At the end of the trip, I asked if we could stay an extra night.”

Tvisha Year 6: 

“Gilwell Park was an exciting experience. It taught us two things: to be organised and to push yourself. I loved the bunk beds in the cabin even though I couldn’t sleep.

We met some amazing instructors who taught us how to climb rocks, build a raft; cook pizza and stick-bread on a fire and freefall.

Overall, I adored this overnight trip and I wish we could stay for another night.”

Isioma (Year6):
“Gilwell was an excellent experience for me and the rest of Years 5 & 6. It was enjoyable and boosted many confidences (especially the trust fall). My favourite part of the whole trip was probably the campfire where we sang songs and roasted marshmallows over a real fire (I made a lot of smears).”

Sofia (Year 6): 
“I liked Gilwell Park because the activities and experiences I received were mesmerising. The instructors were kind, caring and tolerant. It was also a great chance to develop confidence and skills when working as a team.”