GCSE SCIENCE LIVE at the APOLLO THEATRE, Friday 2nd February 2018

Year 10 girls studying Separate Sciences enjoyed a full day of lectures at the opulent Apollo Theatre on Friday 2nd February. National experts discussed recent scientific discoveries, with time for questions and answers at the end of each session. The theatre was full of school groups from around the country – keen scientists in the making.

Black Holes, Satellites and Time Travel were covered by Professor Jim Al Khalili OBE and Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Maggie manages a range of projects making satellite sub-systems to monitor wind speeds and other variables in the Earth’s atmosphere, under the European Space Agency’s Living Planet Programme. Jim is a leading expert on nuclear physics, and has presented many BBC television and radio documentaries. His latest BBC film is titled Light and Dark, about the fact that 99% of the universe is hidden in the dark.

Professor Steve Jones and Professor Robert Winston examined aspects of genetic technology, stem cells, reproduction, obesity and diabetes. Professor Andrea Sella illustrated the weird properties of water, such as ice being able to float on its liquid, and act as an energy absorber.
Two sessions were delivered by the Chief Examiner, Stewart Chenery, on exam techniques and model answers relating to the new GCSE Science curriculum.

The girls were inspired by this outing, and we hope that this will encourage them to study hard for their GCSE exams. We are now at the cutting edge of major new discoveries, and the girls are fortunate to have the opportunity to become scientists if they wish. The Science Teachers hope so!

Mrs Burridge, Mrs Kandeepan and Mrs Henson.