Halloween was our first fund raising event for our chosen charity – Bart’s Hospital’s Margaret Centre which is a Palliative Care Unit.

We planned this Halloween event during our lunch and morning breaks and School Council meetings. We had a wide age range to cater for and we took every Year Group’s ideas into consideration.

We were fortunate that local businesses made donations for this event, this included The Pantry (Eggless Cake Specialists) on Cranbrook Road who were generous enough to donate a large cake. Many of us from the Prefect Team and other students brought in decorations, drinks and food. We were very grateful for all of the support we received from the school, students and parents with donations of cakes, cookies, pizza and savouries. The event ran really well, we sold all of the donated items plus hot chocolate made by Zara (Prefect Team) and punch made by Amber (Head of Charity Committee).

The Prefect Team, some of the Year 11 students and I stayed behind after school, the day before the event, to put up decorations. To celebrate Halloween, we created a ‘Haunted House’ in the Sports Hall, we used our artistic skills to paint various fabrics that were donated and draped them around the walls and over the sports equipment. It was very effective and the girls really enjoyed it.

I would like to thank Mrs Lesser, Mrs Wright and all of the teachers for helping us to run the event and getting into the spirit of the day by dressing up. Also, everyone who helped us by making Halloween posters in their lunch breaks. Of course, we could not succeed without the support of everyone who came and supported us during the event.

I am proud to say that the Prefect Team of 2019/2020 raised the absolutely fantastic sum of £763.50 for Bart’s Hospital! Thank you to everyone who supported us

Head Girl