Banking with Metro Bank – Reception Class to Year 6

This term, our Prep School (Reception through to Year 6) had an amazing opportunity to experience a financial educational programme organised by Metro Bank.

The children had fun learning about money and being introduced to financial skills such as, coin recognition for the younger children; budgeting, saving and how to use vaults in banks for the older ones.

The children also learnt how to plan and think ahead; balancing their needs and wants. They had the chance to visit the Bank and put into practice all they had learnt during the two weeks. Here are some of the student’s testimonies.

“Our trip to Metro Bank was so super, duper amazing! Firstly, we talked about materials they used and its utility (heavy door) to prevent stealing of valuable goods by burglars. Then, we used the ‘Magic Money’ machine to count our coins. Next, we went into the vault and had to find vault number 3417.

One of the things I noticed that is different to other banks is that Metro Bank allows customers’ pets inside. I WANT TO GO BACK TO METRO BANK!”

Zainah (Year 4)

“On Thursday 25th January 2018, the whole Prep School visited Metro bank to learn practically about savings and uses of deposit boxes.
We had fun because we used the magic money machine, went behind the counters and looked at Pounds, Dollars and Euro notes. My friends and I have gained a lot of knowledge on savings, budgeting, needs and wants. Everyone likes Metro Bank; they gave each of us a bag that contains pens, yoyo, lollipop, metro piggy bank and note pad. Thank you to Mrs. Jack for organising it and to Leon and Musenji for teaching us.”

Guess what: we all received a certificate. We would love to visit again!

Zara & Saphora (Year 4)

Buddhism – Year 4

Year 4 students visited the Buddhist Temple. During our trip to the Buddhist Temple, we learnt that there are female monks and that Buddhism is not a religion but rather, it is a philosophy.

The reason monks shave their hair is to prevent distraction. We were also told anyone can be a monk at any age and in Thailand, before people can get married, they have practice k for two weeks.


Letter Writing – Year 4

In Literature, we have been inspired to write letters to our grandparents by reading ‘Grandpa Chatterji’, an interesting book written by Jamila Gavin. We went on a short walk to our local post-office where we weighed the letters going abroad and finally posted them. We wonder in anticipation how our different grandparents would feel on receiving our letters.

The Old Bailey

“Our trip to the Old Bailey was amazing. We had an exquisite time and enjoyed ourselves.

The whole class got to see the history of court trials and look inside a real Court room.”

Makaila Year 6

The Trip to the Buddhist Temple

“I enjoyed the Buddhist temple. We walked there after lunch, all feeling excited. A monk dressed with orange robes led us in and we sat on chairs to watch a few videos.

I was fascinated by these videos and delighted because they taught me a lot about the Buddhist culture and their ways of worshipping.

We then went into a large shrine room. At the very back was a golden Buddha decorated with flowers. In the shrine room, we were told the story of Buddha. I was amazed by how people can care a lot about others. We also were able to ask questions to the monk.

Lastly, we had a few biscuits and a juice can/bottle to drink from! I was sad it was going to end but I now know a lot more than when I arrived. It was a wonderful thing for Religious Studies and I would like something as fun as this for Year 5 and 6 to happen again.”

Tvisha Year 5

“On Wednesday 7th February 2018, Years 5 and 6 went to see the Redbridge Buddhist Vihara (Buddhist Temple). We learned a lot of information about the Buddha and the religion. I learned some facts that I had never heard before.

It was very interesting and fun.”

Tia Year 6