france easter posterBonjour!

In French, we were learning about Easter in France (Pâques en France). In the morning, Amelia and Adshaya hid the chocolate eggs (oeufs en chocolat) in a box.

Once we had started the East Egg Hunt (chasseaux oeufs de Pâques), everyone got a question about the previous topics we have learnt in class. When we all solved the question, we got clues. Those clues had letters from the alphabet, which the class had to put into a sentence that was behind the door next to the scooters. When the class solved this, they enjoyed their eggs. When we settled down, we did our French presentation the groups.

We learnt so much – like how children play with raw eggs by rolling them down a hill and the child whose egg breaks last wins. This symbolises the tombstone that rolled over in Jesus’ tomb.

We had so much fun in French “Merci Madame Jarada!”

Au Revoir!

Amelia and Adshaya