I was delighted to receive news that, once again, Park School for Girls had won a prize in the Fourth Plinth Art Competition. Year 8 student Alisha achieved ‘Borough Winner’ with her entry ‘Artery’ seen below. Alisha sculpted the heart from clay before painting it using acrylics. The name ‘Artery’ is a play on words combining Art and Artery.

Well-known artist Gillian Wearing judged the entries and Alisha’s work was professionally photographed and displayed on the wall of City Hall along with other competition winners. Alisha, her parents and I attended a fantastic awards ceremony on the 9th May at City Hall where winners received a certificate and a bag of Art goodies from Cass Art supplies. It was a hugely enjoyable day and I am extremely proud of Alisha and of course, all of the girls who put so much thought and time into their artwork.

If you would like to see Alisha’s work, it is on display at City Hall until the 28th June.

Well done Alisha.

Mrs Bellew