Year 10 went to Forest School’s annual Careers Fair on Thursday 24th January. The Fair aims to give Year 10 students the opportunity to gather information about Post 16 courses they can access in preparation for university or apprenticeships. A large number of companies were present, providing information about qualifications and details of participation in gap year experiences.

From Zara – Year 10

My experience of the Forest Careers trip was very good and useful because I found out what A-levels and GCSE results I needed.  It was also very helpful because I found out about different career paths I could take. I now know what universities I would like to apply to in the future.

From Donika – Year 10

The Forest Careers trip was very noteworthy and informative. I had the opportunity to ask questions and talk to many universities such as London Imperial College, King’s College, London and the University of Leeds about different careers, which I could consider. I also found out what qualifications I might need in order to access specific career paths and universities. Their feedback was informative and valued. Overall I really enjoyed the trip.