Foodbank Reflection

As reported on the website earlier this term, the entire school has been involved with supporting the Food Bank at Jubilee Church which is located on Granville Road – just a couple of minutes from school. The support from everyone has been wonderful.

Our Year 11 students had a collection amongst themselves then went to the shops to buy food for the food bank in their lunch break.

A number of our Form Groups have been doing reverse Advent Calendars, which means that instead of receiving a gift, they donate a gift of food each day during December which will be given to the food bank.

Staff have also brought in food and toiletries to be donated.

We are grateful to Mrs Jack for initiating this community project, which is ongoing in 2020.

Some of our Year 6 students have written their reflections on being involved with this community project.

Being involved in this food bank donation project has made more aware of the needs of people in our local area

It made me grateful for all that I have.

Going to the foodbank was a fun and exciting experience. I was ecstatic when I went there to participate in sorting out the foods and weighing them. We even had to pour fairy liquid into smaller bottles. We also learnt about the history of foodbanks. I hope we continue with supporting the foodbank. I really love this experience!

If you would like make a donation, please either give your daughter any items you would like to donate or you are welcome to drop them into the School Office.  The food bank welcomes any non-perishable items of food, cleaning products and all kinds of toiletries.

Thank you to everyone who is already supporting Park with this project.