Day trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre

Year 7 feedback on the day trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre

The trip to Stubbers was wonderful! The staff were really motivated and kind. I really liked the paddle-boarding activity because it was fun and falling in was a great experience.

My favourite activity was the high-ropes because the obstacles were good fun.

I enjoyed Stubbers because the instructors were really nice and encouraging. Because of that I conquered my fear of heights.

I really liked the trip as a whole because I haven’t done anything very active for a long time and it was really good fun.

I liked archery and climbing because it made me build my self-confidence.

I liked Stubbers because the paddle-boarding was good fun and I enjoyed the high ropes.

I really enjoyed the whole day at Stubbers because it was adventurous and good fun. I gained some life experiences like overcoming my fears and working as a team. High ropes was one of the scariest and I was very afraid to go on, but nevertheless I overcame it and finished the course. My favourite activity was rock climbing because we worked as part of a team cheering each other on.

I loved the paddle –boarding and the skills needed to do it as I had never done it before. It was really good fun and all the instructors were really kind, funny and helped everyone.

I liked the paddle-boarding and the high-ropes because they were things I’ve never done before.

I enjoyed laser-tag because it was fun and we developed our team building. I loved paddle-boarding as it was something I have never done before.

My visit to Stubbers was interactive and fun. My favourite activities were archery, high-ropes, and rock climbing and laser tag. The staff were all very nice and made the activities fun.

I enjoyed everything, it was really good fun.

Day trip to Stubbers Adventure Centre