For yet another year Park School celebrated its unique character with a multi-cultural celebration. Culture Day has become a cherished tradition here at Park, giving us all a chance to get to know each other better and appreciate our individual uniqueness.

Culture Day celebration

Following the decision of the Student Council, Culture Day this year was a half-day celebration, starting from lunchtime and extending to the end of the school day. As every year, students from both the Prep and the Senior School, as well as staff, celebrated their culture by wearing traditional clothes and bringing in traditional foods. In addition, staff, in collaboration with the Year 11 students, held workshops, games, presentations, dance lessons and other activities, to present their own cultural backgrounds.

The celebration ended with a huge quiz game, involving every student of the school, and gave us all a chance to share what we had learned with each other.

The day was an opportunity for the Year 11 Charity Committee to fundraise for their chosen charity ‘Girls Not Brides’. Everyone paid £1 ‘non-uniform’ fee and students supported the charity by bringing in traditional foods for the Year 11 Committee to sell. On Culture Day, they raised £264. Their total for the year is £1,600! We are very proud of them and their planning and hard work throughout the year.

This was a unique day that will always serve as a reminder that “Youth Strives Through Adversity” (‘Juvenis Certamine Crescit’) and thrives through diversity.

Culture Day celebration