Creative Writing Competition

The creative juices have been flowing in the Prep School for the ‘Ancient Adventures’ Creative Writing Competition. The girls have created their very own mini-saga for the chance to win an exciting goody bag and be published in a real book! They worked incredibly hard to write their sagas, even attending creative writing workshops during their lunch time.

The creativity and imagination demonstrated by the girls was extraordinary and made the decision as to who won the internal prize, extremely difficult. However, Safa in Year 3 created a spine-tingling thriller about her encounter with Vikings! Safa left us all on the edge of our seats during assembly whilst reading her saga and we are anxious to know what really happened as she left us on such a cliffhanger!

Well done to all the girls for taking part and writing such engaging and creative pieces.

Good luck in the main competition! Winners will be announced in September 2019.

“The Ancient Adventures competition was really good because it helped me with my writing. It is great because I have a chance to be published in a real book. All the stories were amazing so I am glad I won”

Safa (Year 3)

Winner: Safa (Year 3)
Runners Up: Ayesha (Year 2), Henna (Year 3), Shangeetha (Year 4) and Sanvi (Year 5).