Name Subject Additional Roles
Ms Atutonu
Head of Computer Science
Head of Business Studies
Form Tutor 10GA
ICT Support
Mrs Bellew
Head of Art Form Tutor Year 8BB
Madame A Bianchi
Design & Technology
and French Teacher
Form Tutor 7LSB
Ms E Bloor
Head of Geography Form Tutor 9BJB
Mr N Bluck
Head of Music Form Tutor 8BB
Mrs D Burridge
Science – Chemistry Teacher Form Tutor 9BJB
Mrs C Clayden
Year 3 Teacher Form Tutor Year 3
Mr G Evans
Head of English Form Tutor 8ENS
Mrs M Fernley
Science – Biology Teacher Form Tutor 7FH
Health and Safety
Mr J Fernandez
Head of Spanish Form Tutor 9KF
Mr R Fleming
Bursar  Buildings and GDPR
Mrs E Gould
Mathematics Teacher Form Tutor 10GA
Mrs A Haq
Year 2 Teacher Form Tutor Year 2
Mrs A Harker
Head of History Form Tutor 7FH
Mrs E Henson
Science Technican  
Mrs R Hirani
Year 5 Teacher Form Tutor Year 5
Mrs J Islam
Year 4 Teacher Form Tutor Year 4
Head of Academic – Prep School
Mrs E Jack
Head of Prep Pastoral Form Tutor Year 6
Head of Pastoral – Prep School
Mrs S Jarada
Head of French and SENCO Form Tutor 9BJB
Mrs S Kandeepan
Science – Physics Teacher Form Tutor 9KF
Mrs D Lesser
P.E. Teacher
Head of PSHE
Form Tutor 7LSB
Head of Pastoral – Senior School
Mrs E Muir
Reception and Year 1 Teacher E-Safety Officer
Ms T Naseem
English Teacher Form Tutor 8ENS
Mrs A Nicholas
History Teacher Head Teacher
Mrs N Polnarev
Head of Maths Form Tutor 11PW
Mrs T Powley
Examinations Officer Trips, First Aid
Mr A Sfakianakis
Head of Religious Studies Form Tutor 7LSB
ICT Support
Mrs R Shamsudin
English Teacher Form Tutor 8ENS
Mrs C Williams
PA to Head Teacher
Admissions Officer
Mrs L Wright
Head of P.E. Form Tutor 11PW
Deputy Head Teacher
Head of Academic – Senior School


Form Teachers 2018/19

Class Room Teacher
Reception & Year 1 102 Mrs E Muir
Year 2 101 Mrs A Haq
Year 3 122 Mrs C Clayden
Year 4 123 Mrs J Islam
Year 5 214 Mrs R Hirani
Year 6 215 Mrs E Jack
Year 7FH 202 Mrs A Harker and Mrs M Fernley
Year 7LSB 201 Mrs D Lesser, Mr A Sfakianakis & Madame A Bianchi
Year 8ENS English 1 Mr G Evans, Ms T Naseem and
Mrs R Shamsudin
Year 8BB English 2 Mrs C Bellew and Mr N Bluck
Year 9BJB 217 Ms E Bloor, Mrs S Jarada and
Mrs D Burridge
Year 9KF 216 Mrs S Kandeepan and
Mr J Fernandez
Year 10GA 301 Mrs E Gould and Ms S Atutonu
Year 11PW 302 Mrs N Polnarev and Mrs L Wright