Name Subject Extra Role
Ms Atutonu
ICT & Business Studies Head of ICT
Mrs Bellew
Art Head of Art
Madame Bianchi
DT and French
Ms Bloor
Geography Head of Geography and Pastoral KS3
Mr Bluck
Music Head of Music
Mrs Burridge
Mrs Clayden
Year 5 / 6 Head of Reception to Year 6
Mr Evans English SEN
Mrs Fernley
Biology and General Science Responsibility for Health and Safety
Mr Fleming
Bursar ICT, Buildings, SCR
Mrs Gape
Spanish Head of Spanish
Mrs Gould
Mrs Haq
Reception Class EYFS Lead
Mrs Harker
History Head of History
Mrs Henson Science Technican
Mrs Hirani
Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Islam
Year 6 Teacher
Mrs Jack
Year 3 & 4 Teacher
Mrs Jarada
French Head of French and SENCO
Mrs Kandeepan
Physics Maths and General Science
Mrs Lacey
English Deputy Head and Head of English
Mrs Lesser
PE and PSHE Head of PSHE
Mrs Muir
Year 1 & 2 KS1 Lead and E safety
Mrs Nicholas
History Head Teacher
Mrs Polnarev
Mathematics Head of Maths
Mrs Powley
School Office Examinations, Trips
Mr Sfakianakis
Religious Studies
Mrs Shamsudin
Mrs Williams
Heads PA and School Secretary Heads PA, Marketing and Admissions
Mrs Wright
PE and PSHE Head of PE, Head Teacher support


Senior School Form Tutors

Form Staff Room
7FH Mrs Harker
Mrs Fernley
7JS Mrs Jarada
Mr Sfakianakis
8GG Mrs Gould
Mrs Gape
9BB Ms Bloor
Mrs Bellew
9KE Mrs Kandeepan
Mr Evans
10LL Mrs Lesser
Mrs Lacey
Drama Room
11PW Mrs Polnarev
Mrs Wright