Compliance Inspection Report

Inspection Feedback 16th November 2017

‘The Head Teacher is outstanding and the school is in a really good place from which to move on.’

The school underwent a compliance inspection on the 15th/16th November 2017. A compliance inspection means the inspectors are reporting on standards to include the health and safety of the children and buildings, safeguarding, the way in which we deal with complaints, recruit staff and the overall management of the school. The reference to the ‘Proprietor’ is our Chair of Governors.

The focus of the inspection was not on the educational quality provided; this will be a separate inspection in three years’ time.

As part of the process the inspectors sought the views of parents and pupils, interviewed the staff, observed lessons and conducted work scrutiny, as well as spending considerable time interviewing the Head Teacher, the Chair of Governors, the Bursar, and the staff who hold posts of responsibility.

The report is simple and indicates whether the standards have or have not been met; this is all that the written report can do.  However, the inspectors were keen to give us verbal feedback and praise for many aspects of the school which, I would like to share with you.

Comments included:

  • The students are well cared for and safe.
  • We have delightful girls who are outward going, supportive of each other and we are a true 4 – 16 school with the senior students working with and supporting the younger students.
  • The communication of policies to staff is exceptional with regards to Safeguarding and Health and Safety, staff were fully informed of the policies and there was evidence of good triangulation – awareness, understanding and application of policies.
  • Mrs Fernley’s work on Health and Safety has been impressive.
  • Mrs Lessers work on SMCE/PSHEC was impressive.
  • There is a strong ethos of British values.

Responses from parents and pupils included:

  • School is awesome, kind, staff are helpful. Staff care.
  • New pupils feel positive, happy, have made friends and settled in easily, they feel they have been given a good induction.
  • School has a family feel and is fun.
  • Good things were said about the Head who they feel has made a real difference.

What we need to work on

  • We need to offer more extra-curricular activities
  • Students and parents would like more information on progress.
  • The Head Teacher is outstanding and the school is in a really good place from which to move on.

I am very proud of our school and was delighted that the inspectors got a real feel of how special and unique Park School for Girls is; I look forward to continuing to move the school forward.

Mrs Nicholas
Head Teacher