Civilised or not? That is the question

This term Year 7 have spent time researching and analysing life in the Middle Age. The focus of their research was to reach conclusions on how far the Middle Ages were civilised. Having established in class what the word ‘civilised’ actually means, the students were left to do their own research over four weeks and create a Horrible Histories type reading book, aimed at an audience of Year 6 students. You can see the brief they had to follow and the results of their work.

How Civilised Was Medieval England – Evaluation


Design Brief

The work is presented in a creative and interesting way

A variety of creative ways have been used to present the information

The book is divided into Chapters

Great effort appears to have gone into the work

Ways in which the book could be improved are:


Organisation & Communication

The vocabulary, events and details are accurate

The information has been select & organised to produce structured work

Contents Page

A conclusion has been reached at the end of each chapter

An overall conclusion has been reached


I have enjoyed reading the book because:

Having looked at the comments from your reader
List three targets for your next Home Learning Project