Centre of the Cell

To enhance Year 10’s knowledge of cells, genetics, diseases and human organ systems in Biology, a visit to the Centre of the Cell took place on Tuesday 09 July 2019.

The Centre of the Cell is a science education centre based at Queen Mary, University of London. It is the first science education centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories. Pupils were able to see research scientists at work as they entered the centre. Two medical students joined the group to enhance the learning experience and to answer questions about science and careers. Year 10 had the opportunity to sit in a lecture theatre designed to seat about 300 medical students.

The day started with a pod show focusing on Cell Biology, Genetics and current research into cell biology. After a short break, there was a workshop called Trauma 999 which was designed to discover the science behind the lifesaving procedures that paramedics and doctors carry out when someone has had a serious physical injury.

The two activities enabled Year 10 to consolidate some of their GCSE learning from Year 9 and 10 Biology lessons, but also gain insight into topics they will learn in Year 11 Biology lessons.