Careers Fair – Year 10

Our Year 10 attended a Careers Fair which was hosted by Forest School. Set out below is a condensed version of a report written by one of our students who attended the Fair.

I went to the ‘help desk’ and spoke to the adviser, explaining that, in short, I had no clue of what I wanted to do. The adviser told me not to worry and advised me to see what the universities or colleges at the Fair had to offer. My first stop was Edinburgh University where I told them my dilemma. The lady’s response was quite frank but eased my nerves. She told me that most kids are in the same position as me and not knowing what I want to do right now was quite normal. She worked through a series of questions about my hobbies, how I found school and my favourite and not-so-favourite subjects. By the end of my conversation with her I had a rough idea of what I might be looking to pursue. I then made my way around every stall that sparked my interest.

I learnt a lot from attending the Careers Fair. I took away with me not just a bag full of prospectuses and freebees but also a confidence and new re-assurance about my future. I left with a burning curiosity as to what I could achieve and a starting point from where I could figure that out.

Anisah Sattar (Year 10)