Careers Fair – SKILLS London

For many students in year 11, there is no definite plan of what to do in the future. I am one of the many. Although I know what my passions and strengths are, I had no idea what to do with them. That is, until Mrs Lesser organised a trip to the Skills London, Careers Fair at the Excel centre. The Careers Fair is a collection of various stalls that promote a pathway to a certain career and then a specific company. In a world full of endless possibilities, there are endless paths to get there.

The hall was packed; with stalls ranging from Public services to Business & Finance. There were Apprenticeship companies as well as Universities. Overall, the experience was thrilling and found myself considering careers that I did not know even existed.

One day maybe I will find myself in NASA as a Space Engineer?

Who Knows?

Aneesa Sattar