Bread making Year 4

In the 2nd Summer half term, Year 4’s topic for DT was bread. We learnt that the biggest bread company is Warburtons. There are different types of bread worlwide. Mrs Jack declared that we were going to do a bread bake off competition to find out who makes the best bread.To prepare for this, we practised making it, we poured, added, prunned, kneaded, let it rest and baked it. My favourite part of making it was the kneading. On Friday 22nd June was our grand day, the day of the bread bake off. We were split into pairs and each pair made it together. This was a great opportunity to learn a skill of baking and measuring. Lots of people ate our delicious bread.

by Sanvi

My favorite part was when we shaped the bread to a braid. I liked this part because we like to design things. I worked with Olivia. Baking is now one of my hobbies because I now making new treats. DT is one of my favourite subjects because we get to do interactive activities. It also links to Art.

by Zainah

I love bread making its very fun and interactive it’s also a very good skill. My favourite part was when we left the dough to prove and when we got flour all over our faces. I really enjoyed it. This was like the best time in my life. On the day what we did was put on our aprons, go down to the kitchen, wash our hands, wipe the table and then we started baking the brilliant bread. Finally we had finished we tried it and it was so good. It tasted better than anything in the world and I wondered who was going to win this competition.

by Roma

Year 4 and I have been making bread. I enjoyed it when we used our hands in mixing and kneeding. Our cheeky teacher Mrs Jack was throwing flour in our faces. At lunch time the whole School tried our bread. When we got to taste it I thought it was scrumptious.

by Olivia

When we were making our bread, it was really fun and exciting. Sanvi and I were baking chocolate chip bread. First we had the bowl and weighed the flour and put into the bowl. We mixed it with water and oil with our hands. Then, we kneeded it and made a sphere to let it rise. We then made it into any shape and baked it in the oven, and then we poured in our milk chocolate chips and it was finished.

by Saphora