Bonding day at ‘Lambourne End Centre’

In order to help the students adjust to a new academic year, a new class and for some a new school, all the girls went to the Lambourne End Activity Centre for the day.

This was not only a great way for the girls to start the new school year; it forms a fundamental part of the continued emotional and social development of our students.

We have found from experience that students, when placed in an environment, which requires them to work as a team in dealing with certain outdoor challenges, they are able to develop resilience, confidence, and problem solving and communication skills.

In addition, they are provided with an opportunity to consolidate friendships and make new ones. These themes are all encompassed in the vision and ethos of Park School for Girls.

Some of our students were asked to write a few lines about their experiences. These are set out below.

Mrs. E. Jack
Head of Pastoral Care – Prep School

On 28th September 2018, Years 3 to 6 from Park School for Girls went on a trip to Lambourne End Outdoor Activity Centre. We travelled on a coach and it was a long journey. When we arrived we were introduced to some really lovely people who looked after us.

We were put into four groups, we had challenged to face along the way. Here are some of them:

  • Walking across a swamp
  • Archery
  • Caving
  • Climbing a wall with support from friends

Group 2 got a certificate for getting the most points.

Lambourne End was the best trip ever!

Maariya – Year 4

The features I enjoyed most were the Hell’s Holes because that was what I was best at and I also enjoyed the Escape to Victory because I liked using my brain to my advantage. I found the obstacle courses very fun as well.

Sofia – Year 6

When I went to Lambourne End I enjoyed it very much, the activities were interesting and fun.

Bismillah –Year 6

I enjoyed going to Lambourne End and participating in all the challenges but I liked climbing on top of the water most because I felt like I was on an adventure when I was hanging on the different ropes.

Mariam – Year 6