Body Confidence Workshop

On 24th January our Year 10 students had a workshop on Body Confidence and Self-Esteem with a representative from ‘MySenseOfSelf’. This is a project set up through The Diana Award. One of our Year 10 students has written a short report about it.

Year 10 had an interesting afternoon when they met Anjali from the Diana Award. One of the aims of the campaign is to reduce bullying in schools by making young people Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. We discussed the impact of social media on our generation and how it can affect our self-esteem. We drew a portrait of our true self, by drawing an outline of our body and writing all of the things that make us ‘us’ and then presented them to the class.

The workshop was really fun and enjoyable and I would like to see more of them in the future.

Sara Alef (Year 10)