Barleylands Farm Park

Reception to Year 6 visit to Barleylands Farm Park - 05On Friday 16th March, Reception to Year 6 were extremely lucky to have a sunny day for their visit to Barleylands Farm Park in Billericay, Together we were able to meet and feed some farm animals including goats, sheep, alpacas and Highland Cows, plus chickens and pheasants in Poultry Corner and ducks in the pond – quack! We learnt all about the farming year, we explored farming methods and food production in the discovery barn, even grinding our own wheat. We took a bumpy tractor and trailer ride around the fields.

The girls also had the opportunity to cook a healthy snack from scratch – mini pizzas! They kneaded dough and topped them with their choice of healthy ingredients. We took these home and enjoyed them at home – teachers too!

As the weather was unusually kind to us that day, we enjoyed our lunch outside although it was rather muddy! The girls took the chance to explore the playground with its whizzy zipwire and huge jumping pillow.

The day was enjoyed by everyone from Reception to Year 6 and it was wonderful to spend the day together.