We were very excited to welcome the young, up and coming band ‘The Shades’ to Park School for Girls.

As a band working hard to promote themselves, ‘The Shades’ are very aware of the power of the internet as a marketing tool.

‘The Shades’ found fame on You Tube and sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like are part of their everyday working world, as such they were able to pass on some of their knowledge and experience. They spoke to our Senior School students about some of the less positive aspects of the internet such as cyber-bullying and offered advice about staying safe online. Students were encouraged to ask questions and raise any concerns they had about online safety. Being young made their experience relatable for our students.

‘The Shades’ also performed several songs and covers for us.

Following their visit the band have gained some new fans!

On Friday, 9th February Park School for Girls welcome ‘THE SHADES’! It is fair to say that we were a bit star struck by the fact that there was an actual boy band in our school.

They performed two covers and two songs and has us all clapping and singing along. They gave an E-Safety talk and shared some of their own experiences of social media and the internet. This allowed us to understand that the internet can have both a good and bad impact on our lives.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it is one we will never forget.

Zahra H and Khadija Year 10LL