Art Competition: The Eyes Have It!

Aina - third placeI am delighted to announce Saarah of Year 9 the winner of our first House Art Competition based on ‘Realms of Imagination’. She brings victory to Wanstead and will be awarded a cup during the prize-giving ceremony. Saarah’s work (see picture on the right) is fabulously simple yet skilful. It conjures up the idea of closing your eyes and slipping into a dream world like Alice in Wonderland.

Valentine achieved second place thanks to Tia in Year 4. She created a lively looking, brightly coloured robot. Last but not least we have Cranbrook with Aina beautiful and vivid depiction of a lady in a flowing dress rendered in chalk.

Thank you so much to all of the pupils who entered. We were overwhelmed by the amount of artwork given in and had difficulty choosing the winners. A big thank you to Mrs Williams who judged the work. Well done Saarah, Tia and Aina. You are a credit to your houses.

Mrs. Bellew
Head of Art