Prefect Team

Head Girl welcome

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the Park School Family.  

Being the Head Girl comes with a lot of responsibilities but the thing I enjoy most is bonding with the other students whether they are in Reception or in Year 11.

At Park, the students benefit greatly both academically and spiritually.  With small classes and hard-working teachers leading them to success, there is no lack of support in helping them to grow and achieve their goal.  The excellent teaching methods and one-to-one learning allows the girls to have space to expand their imagination and creativity.

I can assure you that alongside the teachers and the prefect team, we will strive to fulfill their needs so they can flourish and succeed in their passions.

Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl welcome

In my role as Deputy Head Girl, I would like to welcome you to Park School for Girls.

Here at Park School for Girls we are not just a normal school community we are a family.  At Park School you don’t just form close relationships with your peers you are also able to form a close bond with staff due to small class sizes.  Throughout your time at Park School you are offered so much support from staff as well as being able to access wellbeing programs such as ZUMOS which helps with mental health and Girls On Board, which teaches us to be inclusive and how to deal with issue between peers. 

The School helps you to succeed academically while also offering you many other extra-curricular activities.  Pupils at Park School will all participate in enrichment where they can take part in Film Club, Table Tennis, First aid and many more. 

You can also take up leadership roles such as House Captains in Year 10 and the Senior Prefect team in Year 11.

Overall, Park School is truly a great environment to support you and give you the tools to excel in life 

Deputy Head Girl