Introducing our 2020/2021 Form Prefects and Deputy Form Prefects

We are pleased to announce our newly elected Form Prefects and Deputy Form Prefects for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Form Prefects and Deputies have responsibility for liaising between their Form Group and the School Council, taking forward any issues or suggestions. They also act as role models for their Form Group, ensuring that tasks are completed, making sure their Form room is kept tidy and assisting their Form Tutors with tasks. In general, they are proactive members of the Form Group and help to make Form time pleasant and productive.

Being a Form Prefect or Deputy is a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop and learn new skills, which can help them to achieve their future goals and seize opportunities.

Well done to for getting voted in by your peers!

EYFS and Prep School

Reception, Years 1 & 2 Zoya (FP) and Jazmyn (DFP)
Year 3 and 4 Hana (FP) and Chloe (DFP)
Year 5 Henna (FP) and Zoya (DFP)
Year 6 Aquila (FP) and Srudty (DFP)

Senior School

Year 7 Alanya (FP) and Sanvi (DFP)
8EN Arissa (FP) and Sukirat (DFP)
8BB Kanika (FP) and Shriddi (DFP)
9BJ Camilla (FP) and Fumilayo (DFP)
9FP Zaida (FP) and Zyva (DFP)
10FB Aleena (FP) and Hiba (DFP)
10KB Devina (FP) and Hariskha (DFP)
Year 11 Aashna