At Park School we want children to have a well-rounded education that includes extra-curricular subjects with opportunities to perform music and drama as well as sports and wider cultural activities.

Ofsted’s new handbook stipulates that, among many other things, schools will now be judged on how well they give pupils, “the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life”. Academic achievement is no longer enough to secure the best jobs and life chances. We want to ensure that every Park School girl leaves with the skills, vocabulary and knowledge to help them confidently and effectively progress and shine in a world where soft-skills are more valued than ever.

This term, Park School has re-launched its extra-curricular programme and added a wide range of new clubs under the umbrella term of “enrichment”. A comprehensive list of clubs follows and includes something for everyone. Hearts, Minds and Souls is our motto and this term, amongst many other choices, we are offering Running Club for the heart, Classics Club for the mind and Yoga for our souls.

Watch this space for Club of the Week which will add colour and some personal reflections on the girls’ experiences.

Senior School

  • Classics
  • Yoga
  • Arabic
  • Running
  • TED
  • Touch Typing

Prep School

  • Construction
  • Mindfulness
  • Football
  • Coding
  • Cooking
  • Recording and Percussion

We have been lucky in our Enrichment Coding class this year to have a fantastic volunteer from the Code Club who has worked with us before. Diane has worked hard to develop a programme that fits into the half term slots and ensures the girls have time to learn, however much experience they have had of coding already. The girls in the current group already have good knowledge in this area, so they have been introduced to Logo to create elaborate shapes and patterns. We look forward to seeing the end results before half term.

As part of Park School’s Enrichment Clubs programme, every Thursday a small group of athletes joins Running Club and sets off to Valentine Park. All of our aims are different, some run for pleasure, some run for fitness and some of us are trying to improve our times. All of us enjoy our time together and take great pleasure in the beauty of our extended school garden that is Valentines Park.