A Reflection on Year 7

Our current Year 7 joined us from various Primary/Prep schools in September 2018. As this school year draws to a close, some of the girls were asked to reflect on their first year in Senior School – Year 7.

Year 7 has been amazing as we have come so far and matured greatly. We did this with the help of our teachers who have patiently dealt with our Primary behaviour and helped us become young women. This process has been challenging as we all came from different schools with different methods of teaching, which meant the way we viewed things was different, including each other.

After a bonding exercise, which was our residential trip to Stubbers Activity Centre, we soon picked who we wanted to be our friends, but our Girls on Board sessions helped us realise that we should all be tolerant towards each other.

Now we are almost at the end of our journey and we look back on our previous actions – we are thankful for being taught by our teachers as they have helped us to improve.

Courtney, Year 7.