A Letter from Theresa May

letter from Theresa May This summer the Prep School once again supported the Send My Friend to School campaign, which is focussed in 2018 on sending a sign to all world leaders to make schools safe around the world.

The girls learnt that quality education is empowering and transformative: it prepares young people for life and helps them reach their full potential. It has a central role in making the world more peaceful and prosperous.

For this to happen schools need to be safe and peaceful – places where young people are able to learn and thrive. In the UK we often take this principle for granted, but unfortunately millions of children around the world are at risk of harm simply by trying to receive an education. This has to stop. Schools must be defended as places of learning or the world will be unable to meet its commitment of ensuring education for all by 2030, and the global consequences will be catastrophic.

We joined thousands of UK young people who have been creating eye-catching paper safety signs, highlighting the things that make schools safe and those that do not. We sent ours to the local MP Mike Gapes, who passed them on to the Prime Minister to send a sign to the government that schools across the world must be protected. We were proud to receive a letter from Theresa May thanking us for our support for the campaign.

As well as supporting an excellent cause, taking part in this campaign teaches the girls about global citizenship, our interconnected world, the importance of using their voices in solidarity with others to create change – and empowers them to do just that.

Here is a link to a video that outlines this year’s campaign.