The school is situated in Park Avenue, a mainly residential street off Cranbrook Road, Ilford. It is convenient for road, rail and Central Line Tube services.


The original buildings were purchased from Clark’s College. Park School was founded on the site in September 1974. Many alterations were made and extensions have been added over the years.

The School is registered as a non-profit making Company limited by guarantee and is registered with the Department for Education as an Independent School for girls offering education from Year Reception to Year 11. It is governed by our Board of Governors.

Accommodation and Facilities

The School is housed mainly in the buildings which face on to Park Avenue.

Specialist teaching rooms are as follows:

The Art & Design room, I.T. room, the Drama room, the Music room and Library. The Studios on the ground floor is used by the P.E. Department for lessons with the Reception, Years 1 & 2 and Preparatory pupils.  Morning School Assembly is held in our school hall.

The Preparatory School has its Physical Education lessons on site. However, off site facilities are used by the Physical Education Department for Year 8 onwards. The Preparatory pupils have their weekly swimming lessons at a local pool.

Years 8 & 9 make use of indoor and outdoor facilities at Frenford Club, a local athletics track and a nearby tennis club. Years 10 and 11 use the facilities of Redbridge Sports Centre.

These lessons take place in the course of the school day. Girls, accompanied by their staff, are taken by coach to these sports centres, where they have exclusive use of the facilities during the time we have booked. The School timetable is so constructed to ensure that minimum lesson time is spent on travelling.

Reception and Years 1 & 2

Park School now has a Reception Class for 4 to 5 year olds.  This ensures the girls have good grounding for entrance to our Years 1 & 2 Department. At this age their levels of attainment will vary but it is essential that they can look after their own hygiene.

Reception to Year 6

Girls join the Preparatory School at the age of 7 years (Year3). We consider the acquisition of fluency in reading and writing, accuracy in spelling and punctuation and a solid grounding in Mathematical skills to be an essential part of the curriculum. Science, Geography, History, Religious Studies, PSHEC, Information and Communication Technology, French, Art and Design, Music, Physical Education and Speech are studied by all pupils.

Senior School

Pupils join the Senior School from the age of 11 years (Year 7).

In the first three years the curriculum is broad based. In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and General Science the girls study Art and Design, French, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Music, Physical Education, PSHEC and Religious Studies.

In Year 9, a second language. Spanish, is introduced and Science is taught in its specific subject areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Careers lessons form a part of the PSHEC curriculum.  Our pupils begin to consider possible career options and seek advice on the most appropriate choice of subjects for their G.C.S.E. courses in Year 9. This process continues in Years 10 and 11.

In Year 10, G.C.S.E. courses begin. Please refer to our Year 9 Booklet section for the current structure of core and option subjects.


Homework forms an important part of the curriculum. A pupil will be unable to follow her courses successfully unless she prepares her work in a consistently steady manner. The amount of homework is gauged to suit each age group. Each pupil has a homework journal in which she notes her homework time-table and the assignments which are set each night. Parents are asked to check that the journal is properly used and to sign that they have seen it.

We ask parents to provide comfortable and quiet conditions in which their daughters may work at home. They are also asked to inform the Headteacher if either insufficient or excessive time is spent on completion of set homework.

Music, Speech and Drama

Our aim is to provide the widest possible education for our pupils therefore lessons are compulsory for all our pupils, up to and including Year 9. Speech lessons are time-tabled for the Preparatory School and form part of the PSHEC lessons in Years 7 to 9.

Individual tuition in musical instruments is available. (This tuition is not included in the school fees but is available at a reasonable extra charge).

There are also Senior and Junior choirs. Throughout the year these are opportunities for public performance so that the girls have the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills.

All girls are encouraged to enter, at regular intervals, the appropriate external examinations in Music and Drama.

Physical Education

Physical Education is compulsory for all up to the end of Year 11.

The following disciplines are covered at an appropriate age.

Netball, Gymnastics, Aerobics, Dance, Rounders, Tennis, Swimming, Badminton, Squash, Unihock and Athletics.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Girls are expected to take part in extra-curricular activities such as the School Choir, Drama, Dance and Musical productions, Sports Competitions (within and outside school) and current school clubs.

Educational and cultural visits are paid to places of interest. Occasionally, parties of older girls are taken on visits abroad, usually to France or Spain. Field trips may form part of a senior pupil’s course, particularly in Biology and Geography.

School Houses

The school is divided into three houses – Cranbrook, Valentine and Wanstead to provide competition in work, drama, music and sport. Girls are rewarded with House Points for work of exceptional quality and the House which receives the highest number of points is awarded a trophy at our Annual Prize Giving Evening.

Also awarded at this occasion are House trophies for the winning House in our Inter House Sports, Music, Drama and Dance competitions, which are held throughout the year.

Prize Giving Evening is a most important occasion in our School Calendar. Academic, sporting, musical and dramatic excellence is honoured. Every girl is expected to and does attend. Parents and friends are also welcome.

Parental Contact with School

We firmly believe that the process of education, if it is to be of maximum benefit to our pupils, must involve you, the parent. Throughout the year, we provide written reports. Parents’ Evenings are normally held during the Spring Term. At these evenings parents have the opportunity to discuss their daughter’s progress with her teachers. Parents are expected to attend these meetings.

Moreover, the Headteacher and staff are always pleased to discuss an individual pupil’s progress. However, in order to avoid disruption to the work of the school, it is appreciated if an appointment is made.

Behaviour and Appearance

We insist on good manners and courteous behaviour and pupils are subject to firm but sensible rules of conduct.

Correct school uniform is to be worn by all pupils.

The School provides all text and exercise books. Pupils must be provided with a suitable satchel, case or strong bag in which to carry these books, their own writing materials and Physical Education equipment. All items of personal property must be clearly marked with the owner’s name. The School and the Board of Governors can accept no responsibility in case of loss or damage to personal property, however it arises. It is strongly advised that you arrange your own insurance of your daughter’s property at school.

Loss or damage to school property by a pupil will be charged to the parent.


Pupils’ parents place a Bond with the school before their daughters’ entry. Provided no debts are due to the school, this sum is redeemable less an administration charge when the girl completes her education with us. This Bond also acts as a Security Deposit. It is non-returnable if your daughter subsequently does not take up the offered place.

The cost of running the school (including staff salaries, books, equipment and furniture, maintenance and redecoration, new facilities, administrative costs and heating and lighting) comes entirely from the fees. Bursaries are means tested and may be awarded by the Board of Governors.  It entitles a student to 20% off of their years fees and is reviewed annually.  Pupils are considered for bursaries in Year 3 and Year 7.

Details of the Bond and fees may be found under the admissions section. Fees are payable in advance, no later than the first day of term. They are not returnable and no rebate or extensions are allowed. Fees may be paid by cheque or debit/credit card on or before the first day of each term.


Regular and punctual attendance is required. No excuse for absence will be accepted without a written note from the parent.

Parents planning family holidays in school time must seek authorisation from the Headteacher in advance. Government regulations allow 10 school days absence per School Year for family holidays when authorised by the Headteacher. Despite this, it is urged that holidays are not taken during term time as any extended break in a girl’s education is detrimental to progress.

No pupils are allowed to leave the school premises during the day. However, Year 11 pupils, if they have written parental permission, may leave the school premises at lunch time. All pupils must have prior written permission from their parents if they need to attend appointments during the school day.

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