Careers Fair – Year 10

Our Year 10 attended a Careers Fair which was hosted by Forest School. Set out below is a condensed version of a report written by one of our students who attended the Fair. I went to the ‘help desk’ and spoke to the adviser, explaining that, in short, I had no clue of what I […]

Once in a Lifetime at the Young Vic theatre

As part of their Controlled Assessment syllabus, eleven Year Elevens went to see a production of Once in a Lifetime. Having stayed after school for an hour of study and with only ten minutes to change and get ready, the girls, accompanied by Mrs Nicholas and Mrs Harker, set off for a well-deserved evening out. […]

Wheelchair Master Tennis Championship

It was a pleasure to take girls from year ten and eleven to the recent wheelchair masters tennis championship at the Olympic park tennis centre. I cannot commend them enough for their exemplary behaviour throughout the day. The group were able to participate in a selection of tennis activities for an hour before watching a […]

Sun Trap Education Centre

On Monday 26 September 2016, Year 11 went on a Biology field trip for the day to Suntrap Education Centre in Epping Forest. The purpose of this trip was to gain practical experience of Ecological sampling techniques as part of their GCSE Science studies. The day was divided into three sections: 1. Pond sampling, 2. […]


Stubbers Activity & Adventure Centre.  Years 7 and 8. Preparatory Department. Barleylands Farm – Reception and Pre-Prep. The Centre of the Cell – London School of Dentistry and Medicine – Year 10. A two day trip to France in December – Years 7 – 10. Wimbledon – GCSE P.E. students et al.  

A Scientific Trip of a Lifetime

Last October, pupils from Years 10 and 11 visited the Large Hadron Collider Complex near Geneva where particle physicists are attempting to find the basic building blocks of matter. The Collider tunnel is buried up to 175 metres below ground on the Swiss /French border .  Pupils toured the huge facility, beginning their visit with […]

Focus on the Forest

‘Focus on the Forest’ On Tuesday 11th March the girls in Years 2 to 6 visited Epping Forest Field Centre for a day entitled ‘Focus on the Forest.’ This involved the girls taking part in two activity sessions out in the forest.  In one they learnt the useful skill of how to use a compass […]

Year 6 Junior Citizens

On Monday 17th June Year Six took part in our annual visit to Hargreeve Scouts Camp to take part in an afternoon session of Junior Citizens, organised by the Metropolitan Police. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and you can see how much they learnt from what they have written… Junior Citizens   Monday 17th June 2013 […]